Friday, July 4, 2008

More pictures - Mountains above Quito

All of these pictures are from above Quito. It is beautiful but cold. I wish the day had been started nice and went downhill fast. Therefore, there are a bunch of clouds but if you look close you can see the Volcano Cotapaxi peeking through the clouds in one of the pictures. I wish that I could have rode a small horse in the mountains, but as is normal during the school day, we simply did not have enough time. :(

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Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Sam! We missed you this weekend. I am glad to hear you got a pary though. We are going to Imos Sunday for Dad's birthday and possbily Six Flags with mom, dad & Michaela on Monday. Mom, Michaela, me and my girls are going on a road trip next weekend to visit Kate. We leave Thursday and will be back on Monday. Destiny is so excited and already packing :) Well, take care and I have to go make breakfast for the girls. Love ya, Holly